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Apocalypse Keys: Til We Have Faces Session 3


Apocalypse Keys: Til We Have Faces Session 3
We begin the second case for our new series of Apocalypse Keys, a game of monsters hunting monsters while fighting their own inner darkness and passions. This is by Rae Nedjadi and comes from Evil Hat Publishing. This mystery, set in Barcelona, is called "Till We Have Faces" For more APs subscribe to the channel. For more on gaming in general, check out my site at or follow me on Twitter @edige23. Mission Briefing: We have reason to believe a string of supernatural deaths, possibly murders, taking place around Saint Renata University in Barcelona indicate the presence of a HARBINGER and DOOR OF POWER. Three bodies have turned up, each time making conventional forensic examination impossible as they disintegrated into flower petals soon after discovery. The situation is complicated by Saint Renata’s housing a RETURNER treatment facility. RETURNERS are persons who escaped kidnapping and captivity by supernatural forces. One of the victims was a RETURNER. DIVISION has a good working relationship with liberal elements of the Spanish government and we have been called in. Church authorities have been notified. The University is currently holding an arts festival so an effort should be made to cause minimal disruption or attention. Discover what is going on with these deaths, protect the RETURNERS, locate the HARBINGER and stop them from opening a DOOR OF POWER.



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