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Be Seeing You (2 of 2)


Be Seeing You (2 of 2)
A roleplaying game about independence, control, freedom and compliance. This GMless roleplaying game is designed to explore themes around independence, surveillance, freedom and compliance. It is geared towards dystopian science fiction, social allegory, and psychological drama. Games occur within a society that tries to both undermine our sense of self and prevent free collaboration with others. The focus of our story is a person who is in some way trapped, monitored, and expected to conform to a society they are at odds with. Influenced by fiction in the vein of The Prisoner, Stalker, and Utopia, and real struggles against mass surveillance, the Hostile Environment, and the alienating effects of capitalism. Be Seeing You is by Tanya Floaker and is available here Thumbnail Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:00 Many Happy Returns - Episodes 3 & 4 02:05:12 Fallout



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