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Against the Neon Conspiracy (2/2)


Against the Neon Conspiracy (2/2)
Alun R facilitates the 1st of 2 sessions of Against the Neon Conspiracy. This is the first playtest of a variation of his game 'Against the Dark Conspiracy' ( or set in a sinister cyberpunk future where a conspiracy of competing zaibatsu seek to subdue the people and maintain their hegemony over the Sprawl. We pick up with Spider in the ducts ... with cyber-wasps ... and Hive Ghosting the system to work out which way they should go ... past the mysterious cowled figure facing off with Tower and Kumo. The sound of a minigun powering up under their robe prompts Spider to put a high calibre round into what they (mistakenly) assume is its brain, while Tower leaps out of the line of fire and carries Hive to safety. Then Kumo dances in close to slice and dice the minigun ... if only there wasn't a second one! There's human-insect hybrids, and an old school data core ... then a guardian disposed of; the dangers of data extraction revealed; and an explosion before ... a Zoom-Zoom way out ... and a moral dilemma solved by a different zaibatsu ...



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