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Against the Neon Conspiracy (1/2)


Against the Neon Conspiracy (1/2)
Alun R facilitates the 1st of 2 sessions of Against the Neon Conspiracy. This is the first playtest of a variation of his game 'Against the Dark Conspiracy' ( or set in a sinister cyberpunk future where a conspiracy of competing zaibatsu seek to subdue the people and maintain their hegemony over the Sprawl. In this session we introduces the PCs and build the Sprawl where they make their lives. We meet Tower, the former union man taken apart, rebuilt and enhanced to be the team's Face; Spider, a vat-grown-death-angel-assassin, who does their best work naked; Hive, the team's GhostChaser seeking revenge for everything the Corps have done to them, the people, and the technology they loved. Finally, there's Kumo, genetically enhanced to be a potent 5-foot-nothing bulldozer with ballet moves and very sharp claws fighting to save others from the fate that befell her community. Ms Smith contracts with them to obtain some offline data from a secure location below Nexus-Pharma University where a competitor, NeuroScore, seems to have authority. There's different ways in, the usual CorpSec, and a dire warning ... then a mysterious figure and wasps, so many wasps ...



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