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Free from the Yoke (7/7)


Free from the Yoke (7/7)
Alun R facilitates the 7th of 7 sessions of Free from the Yoke (from UFO Press). In the Season 1 finale, the Houses continue to manoeuvre for advantage while Eva of the Shining Path leads Ehsan Baccus, Champion of the Temple Guards with instructed to protect her, and her frenemy, the sardonic Saruke (Ambassador from the Jezdec Horselords) into the steam hot tunnels that have opened beneath the remaining Ancient Monolith. Helga of the Cats, Shadow of the Wise, accompanies them with a mission of her own ... There's a preacher with a warning, lava pits, and a curtain of flame that speaks. Then Helga disappears, Razzim (a Chisel & Mallet spy within the Temple Guards) reveals his power, Ehsan suffers to protect his people, and, with the help of Loremaster Kasthera, Eva discovers what's going on ... and it doesn't bode well for the Wise ... We can only hope that Season 2 is greenlit ...



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