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Free from the Yoke (6/7)


Free from the Yoke (6/7)
Alun R facilitates the 6th of 7 sessions of Free from the Yoke by UFO Press ... Elina departs the first Summer Conclave of the Age with the rest of the Cursed delegation after the Wise stripped them of their role in favour of the 'Pilgrims'. Meanwhile, we discover there is more to the relationship between Kasthera of the Chisel & Mallet and Eva of the Shining Path than anyone had realised - a meeting that leaves Eva itching for another fight, which she scratches when she sees Saruke of the Jezdec Horselords in conversation with Kassie. There's a Duel, an investigation of a work camp in the (literal) Shadow of one of the great statues that delineate the Land of the Wise, and a ritual revealed. Then ... the Shadow tells a stark truth, Kassie demonstrates the loss of any remaining naivety, and her Jezdec Bodyguards act on her desire ... blood is spilled on sacred ground ...



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