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Tales from the Low Cantrefs: The Rite of Spring (Session 1)


Tales from the Low Cantrefs: The Rite of Spring (Session 1)
This is a run of Tales from the Low Cantrefs, a game currently in development by Luke Jordan of Games from the Wildwood ( It is a coming-of-age game in a hearth-fantasy world, inspired by stories such as Earthsea, Garth Nix's Old Kingdom, and the Chronicles of Prydain. This game is currently in playtest and this recording does not represent the full game. (Though it is in a good state and I accept full responsibility for any issues!) This game is arranged through the Gauntlet Calendar. You can learn more about the Gauntlet online RPG group at This includes information on the Gauntlet produced podcasts, Codex - an RPG magazine for indie games from OSR to story games, and signing up for games advertised on the calendar. Also, check out the forums at to chat and say hi! We introduce the game, describe the village of Longhill, and meet our cast of characters. Jac the Blade, a sturdy young farm boy who works hard to support his family. Zéline the Door, the youngest of a large family who spends her time exploring the ancient tower on her family lands as strange magic stirs around her. Oren the Loom, a devoted son on the cusp of manhood, trained in the art of carpentry at his father's side. And Glyn the Cloak, a skilled young woodsman trained by an eccentric old woman in the way of the forest, with a mischievous streak. Jac and Zéline celebrate the impending wedding of their siblings, while Glyn consoles Oren with stolen pie after a romantic encounter goes awry. Meanwhile the bride-to-be enchants the party with her dancing...



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