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'Time Out' - Volley Boys!! (1 of 2)


'Time Out' - Volley Boys!! (1 of 2)
Part of a series of table-top RPGs about sports, run for The Gauntlet. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:06:00 Episode 1 - Practice vs Practice in which our teammates work on a few routines for their next game; and then go to spy on their rivals across town! 01:04:04 Episode 2 - Tea for Two in which failing grades cause some trouble, and late night 'studying; and Dale & Sky go for boba tea Based primarily on Haikyu!! with influences from other sports anime Volley Boys!! presents the opportunity for players to play through the character arcs of a sports anime. Mechanically drawing from the No Dice No Masters system by Avery Alder, Volley Boys!! is a GM-less token based game that provides the tools and space to explore the character dynamics of adolescence in a team oriented environment. Volley Boys!! is by Kevin Nguyen and is available here



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