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Hearts of Wulin: Odyssey of Jade and Stars 4/12


Hearts of Wulin: Odyssey of Jade and Stars 4/12
Our first story arc comes to a climactic end as the treacherous Mo Feng launches an all-out assault on the Heaven and Earth Temple. Nameless Blade takes the opportunity to infiltrate Mo Feng's camp and discovers a shocking secret of Violet Widow's, while Jiang and Song Tian engage in a little larceny themselves as they make a pass at the much-desired bronze vessel--only to find out that there is more to its contents than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Cloud Crow and Dongshan grow closer, even as Crow's master and would-be lover both turn against them. This is the fourth of twelve sessions of Hearts of Wulin using the Fantastic Wuxia variant rules. For more on Hearts of Wulin, see: This session is part of Gauntlet Calendar. To find out more about the Gauntlet roleplaying game community, check out



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