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Hearts of Wulin: Odyssey of Jade and Stars 3/12


Hearts of Wulin: Odyssey of Jade and Stars 3/12
The wulin go their separate ways following the end of the Ghost Festival, each pursuing their heart's own interests. Dongshan grapples with inner conflict between duty to family and sect as he attempts to discover the antidote to Violet Widow's dark poisons, while Zhou Jiang plots a dangerous move against the Heaven and Earth Temple. Cloud Crow sets out to duel Jiang's lover, but finds themself in a forbidden rendezvous with Nameless Blade, who herself has discovered dark secrets relating to Jiang's curse. This is the third of twelve sessions of Hearts of Wulin using the Fantastic Wuxia variant rules. For more on Hearts of Wulin, see: This session is part of Gauntlet Calendar. To find out more about the Gauntlet roleplaying game community, check out



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