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SWS: HyperspaceD6 July 05


SWS: HyperspaceD6 July 05
The New Republic's forces are closing in on Imperial Warlord Zsinj. Zsinj's Empire is falling apart day by day, but the despot is determined to hold on for as long as he can... and punish those who pry his grasp loose from this piece of the galaxy! With the inspiration and leadership of a crack team of troubleshooters, the New Republic has freed Arda II from Warlord of the Empire Zsinj. The neighboring Maridun system has broken the shackles of Warlord Zsinj as well. The tide is turning! Join the team on Whisper Base as they continue their mission to free world after world until they bring peace to the galaxy. For this series, we'll be using HyperspaceD6, a stripped-down version of the original West End Games d6 system. I've also further hacked the game so all rolls are player-facing and replaced the wounds system with conditions from Lady Blackbird.



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