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Once More Into the Void (1/3)


Once More Into the Void (1/3)
This is a run of Once More Into the Void, a game about the disbanded crew of a starship coming back together for one final by Jamila Nedjadi of Sword Queen games ( ). A physical and expanded version of the game is currently being kickstarted, through into June. The version of the game we are playing is available through Itch at the link above. This game is arranged through the Gauntlet Calendar. You can learn more about the Gauntlet online RPG group at This includes information on the Gauntlet produced podcasts, Codex - an RPG magazine for indie games from OSR to story games, and signing up for games advertised on the calendar. Also, check out the forums at to chat and say hi! In this first session, we discuss the game, the sci-fi universe our adventures will be taking place in, and introduce our characters. The driven Captain Hephaistion Stern, former officer in the Hegemony's Navy. Paul "Smiles" Provost, the enigmatic engineer pursued by a warlord's recruiters. Kodo Celwik, a brooding but magnetic warrior. And RSE-6/Rose, an artificial lifeform created as a work of art.



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