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Aganst the FAE Conspiracy (2/4)


Aganst the FAE Conspiracy (2/4)
Alun R facilitates the second of 4 sessions of his supernatural thriller game, Against the Dark Conspiracy using the Fae Conspiracy variant. This session was organised as part of The Gauntlet RPG Community's monthly calendar of games ( Using the ring they stole last time, the team learns more about what's going on from Dr Brown, and something of the factional nature of the Fae. Then Kadir the Sparks finds employment at yhe same suspicious circus that Jesusita the Analyst allows her daughter to visit. One of the circus acts, the 'Masked Marksman' is a former colleague of Mark the Assassin, while Andy the Handler is worried about why a number of circus patrons have gone missing. There's a dodgy juniour minister in the audience with unofficial bodyguards, the Marvellous Mercurio's fortune telling chair, and a Hall of Mirrors ... then a Redcap who displikes mobile phones and a cold intro to Mistress Winter ...



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