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SWS SE: Against the Sith Conspiracy


SWS SE: Against the Sith Conspiracy
Alun R facilitates a one-shot of 'Against the Sith Conspiracy' as part of a weekend of games celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Rich Rogers’ Star Wars Saturday. This session was organised as part of the Gauntlet RPG Community’s monthly calendar ( Episode VII.5: General Leia Organa calls on EG-A, the force ghost haunted droid, Chan Brohrk the pilot, who is … difficult to pigeon-hole; Mori Pelona the guilt ridden former Imperial tech; and Papa Charmtalker, an agent forced out of retirement because … well, Leia doesn’t have much choice. Word is that the Level 1313 Fookpaw crime syndicate fronted by a droid, but run by former ISB Agent Dal Voka, might be a proxy for a mysterious Sith Conspiracy. There are missing Jawa, a captured Quarren, and a Gundark arena with a back entrance. Then … stuff happens …



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