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Season of Dreams (4/4)


Season of Dreams (4/4)
Alun R facilitates the fourth of 4 sessions of Season of Dreams, Blake ryan's PbtA game in development. This session was organsied as part of The Gauntlet RPG Community's monthly calendar of games ( After spending the rest of the series being thrown together and torn apart in the Gloom the characters meet in Salisbury. Shelly Widershins the Human is performing at the Christmas market, while Kit Baxter the Viveru conducts shell games while wearing her human guise. They are found by Fungo the Satyr, and Velura the Lugat, also wearing their human seemings, while leading 7 donkeys that aren't really donkeys disguised as reindeer. Then there's a miracle at a manger; anti-capitalist nuns; Goblins in the form of skin-heads and a black ops team ... but don't worry a speher of silence means the Christmas market is unaffected.



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