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Voidheart Symphony (Session 2/4)


Voidheart Symphony (Session 2/4)
Voidheart Symphony is a PbtA game of rebels rising up against oppression in a corrupt city, by navigating a dark psychic projection known as the Castle. It is designed by Mina McJanda, currently in beta following a successful kickstarter campaign and available for purchase at the UFO Press itch page This game is run as a part of the Gauntlet Hangouts calendar. Learn more about the Gauntlet online RPG community at You can learn more about the Gauntlet produced podcasts, Codex - an RPG zine for indie games from OSR to story games, or sign up for hangout games. Also, check out the forums at to chat and say hi! The Rebels make a new incursion into the Castle in search of further information on Dr LeFevre's plans. After a traumatic journey through the Void, Lucid leads the Rebels into the land of the dead. The caretakers of the land of the dead seek to keep Jocasta "where she belongs", while Harly and Katie try and get them out safely. They speak to a voice from the doctor's past.



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