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Season of Dreams (2/4)


Season of Dreams (2/4)
Alun R facilitates the 2nd of a curtailed 4 sessions of Season of Dreams, Blake Ryan'd PbTA game in development. This session was organised as part of The Gauntlet RPG Community's monthly calendar of games ( While trekking back to the City of Murias, Velura the Lugat mis-reads the weather and is caught in a random 'rift-storm'. Faced with losing her, and the Golden Griffin egg, Fungo the Satyr and Kit the Viveru follow her through to encounter a suspicious group of humans. When they finally reach Murias, hoping to rendezvous with Shelly Widdershins and make a fortune, there's a Fomorii festival, a Mother with a protective & venegful nature, and bad news about an egg ... then gluttony almost turns nasty, and a portal resets events to zero ... maybe ...



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