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Fellowship: Rebellious Youth (10/10)


Fellowship: Rebellious Youth (10/10)
Fellowship is a PbtA game by Jacob Randolph about playing a group of heroes fighting to save a fantasy realm, and this game is run using the In Rebellion supplement to tell a story of resistance against an evil Empire. You can purchase the game at In this run of the game, I have made a couple of minor hacks to represent young heroes in the vein of She-Ra, Avatar, or The Dragon Prince. This game is run as a part of the Gauntlet Hangouts calendar. Learn more about the Gauntlet online RPG community at You can learn more about the Gauntlet produced podcasts, Codex - an RPG zine for indie games from OSR to story games, or sign up for hangout games. Also, check out the forums at to chat and say hi! In our thrilling finale, the rebels take the fight to the Ordo Noctis. Kalliban leads the Empire in a new direction, Phaethon comes to a final reckoning with the prophecies, Sabila returns something long since stolen, and Ossian goes in search of his own place in the world.



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