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Eotenweard - the Mountain Queen (4/5)


Eotenweard - the Mountain Queen (4/5)
Alun R facilitates the fourth of 5 sessions of his PbtA game of Dark Age monster hunting. This session was organised as part of the Gauntlet RPG Community ( monthly games calendar. After they agree to support Danum in its ambitions the characters gain the bronze they need to confront the Fae, and return to the forest near Riponum. It is suspiciously welcoming, but Modthryth the Loon's instincts tell her to strike out away from the easy path; Tuca the Commoner finds the true way; Iamon the Monster Hunter announces his intent to negotiate; and Blacwyn the Hammer of the Gods makes an offer the Fae Queen cannot resist. Then there is Fae hospitality ... Spring ... and an unlikely bargain ...



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