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Masks: A New Generation: Gauntlet TGIT (1 of 4)


Masks: A New Generation: Gauntlet TGIT (1 of 4)
We play the first of four sessions of Masks: A New Generation from Magpie Games. This is a PbtA rpg of teen superheroes. This session is part of the Gauntlet Hangouts. You can find out more about that at If you like rpg APs, check out my full channel. I usually record three different games each week. You play young superheroes growing up in a city several generations into its superheroic age. Your PCs are members of the fourth generation, young adults trying to figure out who they are and what kind of heroes they want to be. The rest of the world is telling them what to do, but they’ll find their own path amidst the noise. And kick some butt along the way. After all, what’s the point of being a hero if you can’t fight for the things you believe in? We do character creation in the first half of the session.



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