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Gauntlet TGI Thursday : Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (Session 1)


Gauntlet TGI Thursday : Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (Session 1)
Play session one of this PbtA game. Technical difficulties meant we didn't record the awesome character creation session unfortunately. This game is part of the Gauntlet Hangouts. You can find out more about The Gauntlet at Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, is a different post-apocalyptic game PbtA. The publisher pitches it as a, “…game about the survivors of a reality-twisting apocalypse, the families they form, and the new world they will create as the ages turn. Craft characters and families, head out into the wasteland and create true, lasting changes in the world. ...(It includes) cutting ­edge rules, a highly flexible multi­-generational system, and more than a dozen playbooks.”



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